DRUGtrain will create a European innovative, multidisciplinary and intersectoral training program to provide Early Stage Reseachers (PhD students) from diverse backgrounds with a broad, interdisciplinary perspective and intersectoral approach for drug discovery.

Drug repurposing (or repositioning) is the application of previously identified drugs or compounds to treat new indications. In general, repurposing forms an accelerated approach for finding new therapies. Repurposing may comprise new therapeutic use for marketed drugs, for drug candidates that are currently in clinical development, or for drugs that have been abandoned/failed for a particular indication due to efficacy problems . Other aspects include the development of different formulations or drug delivery systems for an approved drug, or establishing new combinations of individual drugs.

Identifying compounds for repurposing requires a broad variety of approaches including mining of existing scientific databases, in silico bio- and cheminformatics strategies to link drug to disease, in vitro (high-throughput) drug screenings, in vivo experiments, toxicity and pharmacokinetic/dynamic studies. Formulation in drug delivery systems may be used to reduce adverse events.

DRUGtrain will be organised in 7 work packages:

  • WP1-3: Research
    • WP1: Identification of potential drug targets and drug candidates
    • WP2: Drug testing/drug screening
    • WP3: Identification and reduction of toxicity (adverse events)
  • WP4: Training
  • WP5: Communication, Dissemination and IP (WP5)
  • WP6: Coordination and management
  • WP7: Ethics