Past events

3rd Consortium meeting and Training Course, 18-19 October 2022

This was the first physical meeting, co-organised by UKA and held in Aachen (DE).
The program of the 3rd training course was set up with local German scientist and very interesting scientific presentations on clinical nephrology, nephropathology, Sc-Seq and spatial transcriptomics in CKD and Pharmacokinetics and advanced drug delivery.

During the afternoon session the 2 DRUGtrain PI’s continued with the scientific session and 1 PI with a final session on how to start your own company. The ESRs had to prepare an elevator pitch on ’Commercial exploitation of (a part of) your PhD project’. 

Each ESR had 2 minutes for the pitch and the pitches were assessed by Bart Metselaar and Leo Price.
Veda Kulkarni (ESR at UKA) was the winner with her idea “Biokid”, a new 3D model of kidney diseases.

Mid Term Check meeting and 2nd Training Course, 28-29 April 2022

Unfortunately the EC Project Officer was not able to come to Leiden, due to Covid travel restrictions. Organiser LUMC had to reschedule the entire meeting to an online event. Luckily all ESRs were able to be present in Leiden in person, so they could finally meet each other for the first time.
At the end of the meeting, Vicente Torres (Director Mayo Clinic, US and member of the DRUGtrain Advisory Board) gave an online presentation on ‘Emergent therapies for ADPKD with a focus on cAMP signaling’.
The 2nd Training course took place the following day. All invited speakers and DRUGtrain PI’s involved in the training course were physically present. Koos Burggraaf (Director CHDR, NL and also member of the DRUGtrain Advisory Board) gave an invited lecture ‘From clinic to preclinic and back’. The afternoon session was filled with presentation on complementary skills, like entrepreneurship and boosting your career.

1st Consortium meeting, 17 December 2021

Due to the prevailing Covid-restrictions the 1st Consortium meeting and Training Course had to take place online.
On 19 November 2021, 8 out of 9 ESRs joined the training course (1 ESR was not yet appointed at that time). The course started with a ‘get to know each other’ session with all ESRs, coordinator and project manager. Each ESR had to prepare 1 slide with 4 pictures:
1. Country of origin (and why this picture).
2. Most striking event in your new host country (comment on the context).
3. Favourite snack (why favourite).
4. Yourself at work or at home (comment on your current situation).

After this session the coordinator and project manager organised a quiz on various aspects of the DRUGtrain project.

At the training course 6 PI’s of the DRUGtrain consortium gave a presentation of various scientific aspects of the project. The last presentation was a guest lecture on FAIR Data stewardship and data management.

During the Consortium meeting each ESR presented an update on the progress of the ESR-project.
The Supervisory Board meeting with all PI’s and 2 ESR-representatives was dedicated to submission of the progress report, programming of the meetings and training courses 2022, and ethics issues of the project.

After the meeting, Tess Harris (Partner Organisation, PKD International) gave an impressive talk on the impact of Polycystic Kidney Disease on a patient’s life.

DRUGtrain Kick Off meeting, 26 January 2021

On Tuesday 26 January 2021 the online DRUGtrain Kick Off meeting took place, organised by LUMC. Due to the Covid pandemic the meeting unfortunately had to take place online. Principal investigators of all the beneficiaries and partner organisations were present at the meeting.
Important issues to kick off the project were discussed: Recruitment of the ESRs, Consortium Agreement and financial and other administrative matters.